Has 'google' became a new term?

Answer Actually, people do say that they "Yahood!" it, etc. - if that is what they did. But these types of words appear all the while. Not so much a new term as a new verb. Nouns becoming verbs. For examp... Read More »

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Did you know that gullible is the only search term in Google that does not work?

My Top 9 Answers9) "so"[the indifferent]8) "no thats weird"[the clueless]7) "Really??"[the clueless #2]6) "It does work try it"[please tell me they didn't!]5) "it's working perfectly"[no, not anoth... Read More »

Google site where you plugin a search term and it tells you where in the world people searched for it,etc?

Try these…

Wheres the best site to find a short term, 2 month, studio flat to rent in Brum, a google search only tells?

Dont go to a letting agent,rents are higher and sometimes they want you to pay a fee,like commision to them.walk around the area you want to live in and look in shop windows,like local newsagents e... Read More »

Marine Corps definition of the term Semper Fi the term Marines frequently address each other with?