Has everyone "Opted Out" of the new Yahoo! spyware?

Answer I actually have mixed feelings about these kinds of things. On the one hand, I'm uncomfortable with the idea that somebody is tracking my websurfing and maybe infringing on my privacy. On the oth... Read More »

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Unable to use yahoo anti spyware and virus protection with vista?

You have to wait till there is a Vista driver for that program.

I'm getting a round of drinks in for the whole of Yahoo Answers. What's everyone having?

Will everyone please stop asking about the Yahoo! Mail and Messenger being down today!?

I asked the same thing about 10 minutes ago. No one can seem to search for the question before asking it. In my question, a girl said she was about to ask the same question before seeing my post.... Read More »

For those who opted for a drug-free birth?

I had my natural VBAC 5 months ago. It was so great!!!!! :) I will do it again for sure. I'm not a fan of pain by any means, but I didn't want to expose my baby to any drugs, not to mention I k... Read More »