Has eating one meal a day worked for anyone?

Answer I did that once for six weeks. It works well, but as soon as I started eating agin the weight came right back.

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Does anyone know why eating an indian meal makes my father experience an angina attack?

I can't see why curry specifically should cause it. However any large meal made up of items which take time to digest can bring on angina. This is because blood is diverted away from the heart to m... Read More »

How Do You Know How Many Carbs You Are Eating in a Meal?

Some people try to limit the number of carbohydrates, or carbs, they eat in a given day or within each meal as a weight loss method. People that have been diagnosed with diabetes, however, need to ... Read More »

How to Keep a Cat from Joining You in Eating a Meal?

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Has this worked for anyone?

They're a billion dollar business, their main job is to make tons of profits, all shampoos are meant to clean, and conditioners are for curly/wavy, dry, damaged, straightened or chemically treated ... Read More »