Has being on Y! Answers strengthened or weakened your faith in humanity?

Answer Just when I think I won't come here anymore, because I am tired of the same old attention seekers, uninspired questions and answers[my personal pet-peeve is when someone answers a question with "2 ... Read More »

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Should laws protecting individuals from workplace discrimination be strengthened or weakened?

On One Hand: Laws Protect EmployeesWorkplace discrimination laws protect employees from potentially harmful practices. The laws work as a safeguard to both prevent inappropriate actions and cover t... Read More »

How to Restore Your Faith in Humanity?

We are all born receptive to love, kindness and hope. As we grow up, we encounter the less hopeful, more challenging aspects of being human, including discovering that the things humans do at times... Read More »

What are made from weakened viruses?

How did i receive a Weakened immune systems?

There are numerous reasons for the immune system to become weakened. One is stress; physiological, physical or emotional.You most likey would have a decreased leukocyte count. (white blood cell)One... Read More »