Has anyones toilets been clogging up in the midwest?

Answer No, but I did notice this morning that the bath drain was running slower than usual. It might be icy build-up.

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Can anyones help me with this!!!?

x - ( x/2 + .5) = y y/2 - 1 = 0the answer is 55 - ( 5/2 + .5) = 2 2/2 - 1 = 0

I need cheap flight tickets and i really need anyones help!?

Did you look for flights to Copenhagen? It is a very short train ride on the bridge across the strait to Malmo.

Is anyones metro pcs service not working?

urgghhhh should make me feel better to know im not the only one but daaaaang this is driving me nut! i cant call either neither use internet or nothin.. no service in south Florida

Anyones husband being a brat when it comes to testing?

omg my husband is sooo annoying with tests. its like he doesnt really believe in them, and every time i have ever tested he kinda looks at me like i am nuts... he also WONT see light lines. not can... Read More »