Has anyone's husband ever argued for the SMALLER tv?

Answer It is called reverse psychology!He made you think that he wanted the smaller one. so that you would think that the larger set was actually your choice!It is as simple as that!----------I am happy t... Read More »

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My Husband and I have argued about this for days...?

Always dust AFTER vacuuming because almost all vacuum cleaners expels some dust particles into the air. Now tell him you were right and make him take you out to dinner. I see the majority says dust... Read More »

Anyones husband being a brat when it comes to testing?

omg my husband is sooo annoying with tests. its like he doesnt really believe in them, and every time i have ever tested he kinda looks at me like i am nuts... he also WONT see light lines. not can... Read More »

Commonly Argued Topics on Capital Punishment?

The death penalty is a controversial topic that tends to polarize people. As with any topic that causes people to take clearly opposing sides, several cogent arguments exist for and against capital... Read More »

Argued for a larger stronger Navy to acquire Hawaii?