Has anyone won actual money from the scholarship site

Answer Yes, Zinch is a legitimate scholarship provider. I have used Zinch over the past two years and have won two scholarships directly from their site. I had another couple scholarships matched by them ... Read More »

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Is zinch a good scholarship site?

Personal opinion: I can't recommend, I recommend the Scholarship Search database offered by the well-respected College Board:…Click on th... Read More »

Can you spend your scholarship money on anything?

You can spend your scholarship money on anything allowed under the program, but it is not always wise to do so. The Internal Revenue Service taxes scholarships and grants if they are used for anyth... Read More »

Is scholarship money taxable?

If you are not a candidate for a degree, the entire amount is taxable. If you are a candidate for a degree, parts of the scholarship used for tuition, books, supplies and equipment are not taxable.... Read More »

Can I use scholarship money to pay for my apartment while I'm in college?

Usually the answer to this is yes, however it depends on the rules of your particular scholarship. Either way you can probably use your other financial aid. Basically, if the donor specifies that... Read More »