Has anyone wasted nearly an entire day on the internet?

Answer yes, most all days.

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Why did 500MB of internet last nearly a week on my internet dongle, yet 1 GB only lasted two days?

Every site you visit is a download. Sites with many images are VERY large downloads. Any site with Flash content or similar are CONTINUOUS downloads. So are games sites. This includes any site with... Read More »

Has anyone here wasted time and money on College?

A college diploma does not guarantee you a job. The conventional wisdom is that, if you don't have a college degree, you won't do well in life. They are selling you a bill of goods! They are using ... Read More »

C BB- Did anyone nearly fall asleep when Lucy was talking?

How Can I print the entire Internet?

Start here: until you get to here: keep going until you get to here:! You'... Read More »