Has anyone wasted nearly an entire day on the internet?

Answer yes, most all days.

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How Can I print the entire Internet?

Start here: until you get to here: keep going until you get to here:! You'... Read More »

Do you think age 14 is a bad age to get wasted?

Why not? My grandparents were giving me beer in my bottle when I was a baby. Of course now Im an alcoholic. I drink at least a 6 pack a night. My heart is messed up. Sometimes I feel like im goin... Read More »

How much water is wasted every day?

A leaking faucet is the largest water waster, and the United States Department of the Interior statistics state that if one million homes each have five leaky faucets, with 120 water drips per minu... Read More »

I've wasted my life, what should I do ?

If that's you really feel, you need to see a counselor not Yahoo answers.