Has anyone used before?

Answer awesome but its hard to do. every bid costs 0.75 and it adds up when you don't win. You could pay $100 for a $250 thing when yiu buy it for $170!!! You lost money!!

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Has anyone used Co-Operative Consignment before?

I used Co-Operative Consignment twice. I once bought a embroidery machine and they offered free delivery on it and another time my husband bought a John Deere mower which was a pretty large item, b... Read More »

Has Anyone Used The IUD Birth Control Before?

I've been using jadelle which is an IUD. It lasts for up to 5 years. Everyone is different so your experience with it might not be like mine. I get irregular periods sometimes but they usually happ... Read More »

Anyone used Jungfrau VIP pass before?

Has anyone used the scanners at fedex Kinkos before?

If you have a 3 in one printer (Print, Copy, and Scan) you can do this yourself.I am guessing that you want it saved as a PDF or as a Word (Doc) file. Your scanning software for your printer can d... Read More »