Has anyone used Slushy Magic?

Answer Actually yes it works nd u don't need to go buy none of these the trick to the slushy magic is that the magic ice cubes they send u have inside slushy powder and when you shake the cup ,the ice cub... Read More »

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Is slushy magic dishwasher safe?

The Slushy Magic cup, lid, and spoon straw are dishwasher safe. The magic freezer cubes just need to be rinsed by hand. Hope this helps.

Has anyone tried the magic jack?

One of the guys that lives with me has Magic Jack. He uses it to call his family in Canada while he's in the states for school. It works pretty well for the most part but sometimes they have troubl... Read More »

Has anyone tried Magic Jack?

I also LOVE mine, but the install process is NOT as quick and simple as you saw in that TV commercial (deceptive). It's easy, but not THAT easy!For any that haven't seen it on TV, they show a 10 y... Read More »

Anyone out there thinking of buying a Magic Jack?

No, I have comcast phone, internet, and cable for $100 a month. Magic jack has problem every now and them, because it's a internet based phone sevice.