Has anyone upgraded from XP to Vista. Is it worth it.?

Answer yeah i did i real like vista really to say its alot better then XP and is easy to work with its simpler yea i thought it would be difficult to work with vista but really ill tell you its simpleyea ... Read More »

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How can Kodak software be upgraded to use with Windows Vista?

Answer It already has. Just go to the website and download the new Vista compatible versions.

Is Windows Vista worth it?

I thought i get on the end of the line.Rule no 1. Put the operating system on your home computer that matches what is at school or what you use at work. When school or work updates, you update. ... Read More »

Is vista worth having or should i downgrade to XP?

McAfee is crud. You very well could have a virus.1. Remove McAfee and get Avast! 4 Home2. Disable Windows Firewall and get ZoneAlarm Free.3. If you still have issues, I would recommend getting XP. ... Read More »

Is switching from Vista to Windows 7 worth it?

Very worth it, i recommended it..i had windows vista home basic on my year old laptop and after i upgrade i noticed that i am getting the correct speed i was suppose to get, faster boot and shut do... Read More »