Has anyone tried using those magnetic bracelets for arthritis pain Did they work?

Answer Try "Theragesic*" It is wonderful for arthritis!I swear by it! I am 61 years old and it is the best thing going!

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Do magnetic bracelets work?

On One Hand: Some Studies Say YesSome studies have shown that magnetic bracelets may reduce arthritis pain. A 2004 British Medical Journal study, for example, found that those who wore magnetic bra... Read More »

DIY Magnetic Link Bracelets?

Magnets have been used to relieve pain caused by various ailments, the main one being arthritis. The magnets are thought to help improve circulation, thus ridding your body of pain. Magnetic bracel... Read More »

Can a magnetic arthritis bracelet go through airport security?

Magnetic bracelets are extremely varied. Significant differences between magnets include gauss (magnetic strength), size, quality, and the material used to contain the magnets. There are also diffe... Read More »

What are the causes of arthritis pain?

Arthritis is a joint disorder characterized by inflammation that is frequently accompanied by pain. More than 100 types of arthritis exist, but the most commonly diagnosed types are osteoarthritis ... Read More »