Has anyone tried turning toast back into bread?

Answer put the bread and a fresh egg in a microwave on the highest setting for 2 minutes and then put it somewhere cool and dry!Me and my friend did it a couple weeks back. :D

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Does anyone out there have a well tried and tested banana cake or bread please.?

1 cup self-rising flour1/2 cup soft butter4 mashed bananas1/4 cup light brown sugar4 tsbp light corn syrup4 eggsMix it all together, pour into a greased 2lb loaf pan, and cook at 350 for around 50 ... Read More »

Does anyone remember that children's TV show about the guy who went into a fancy dress shop and when he tried on the clothes he would go to the place. eg if he was a chef he went into a kitchen?

Why are my nails turning blue am i turning into a smurf?

Your nails are just stained from the nail polish. To make them return to the natural color, gently file them and after this, take a buffer (you can buy a file/buffer that's called 3-in-one, it's on... Read More »

Can you toast moldie bread?

Not unless you want food poisoning...or worse if you allergic to mold. Throw it away and freeze bread if you can't eat it fast enough then toast it!