Has anyone tried turning toast back into bread?

Answer put the bread and a fresh egg in a microwave on the highest setting for 2 minutes and then put it somewhere cool and dry!Me and my friend did it a couple weeks back. :D

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What kind of bread do you like for your toast?

Can you toast moldie bread?

Not unless you want food poisoning...or worse if you allergic to mold. Throw it away and freeze bread if you can't eat it fast enough then toast it!

Does a convection oven or microwave toast bread?

A microwave heats food with radio waves and not external warm air, so the food cooks from the inside out. The microwave warms bread but won't get it brown or crisp on the outside. A convection oven... Read More »

Does stale bread make good toast?

Stale toast is great for toasting because it contains less moisture than fresh bread. Drier bread toasts quickly and won't get soggy or absorb toppings. Stale or day-old bread can also be used to ... Read More »