Has anyone tried to make Coca Cola wine?

Answer I don't have a can handy, but I bet Coke has sorbate in it as a preservative which would prevent yeast activity...

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Has anyone ever tried to steal the secret formula of Coca-Cola?

I've heard that Pepsi sends spies into their factories.…

Dr Pepper,cherry Coca Cola or vanilla Coca Cola?

Does anyone know why Mountain Dew dosen't fizz like Coca Cola?

Essentially, it's dowm to different ingredients used. Also, a different recipe formula. And slightly different additives.

How to Make a Coca Cola Slurpee?

A Slurpee is an in ice-based drink originally created by the ICEE Company but sold by 7-Eleven convenience stores. Similar drinks are known as the "Froster" and the "Slush Puppy." They are widely c... Read More »