Has anyone tried the 3 day fruit flush diet by jay robb?

Answer I need 2 points!

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What is the Fat Flush diet?

The Fat Flush reduces water retention and cleanses the liver to help "flush" fat from the system.AboutNutritionist Dr. Anne Louise Gittelman wrote "The Fat Flush Plan," which limits carbohydrates a... Read More »

How to Add Fruit to Your Diet?

Healthy eating is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Fruit is essential to our diet, as it is high in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fiber. Here are some easy-to-follow suggestions to... Read More »

What is the Egyptian fruit bat's diet?

The Egyptian fruit bat is a critical part of our ecosystem and is not only found in Egypt, but in two additional continents, as well. These bats have a unique diet that also plays into their import... Read More »

Is there such this as a diet of only fruit for humans?

Its called fruitarian and you should never do it. You will only get sick on this "diet". This is an eating disorder cult and they only show you positive stories on their sites and they block and ce... Read More »