Has anyone tried raspberry keytone for weight loss?

Answer Hi, I have not prove it but it seems all over the internet are saying it is safe. Just remember that every time a 'miracle' appears, is because there is a lot of pubicity behind of it.Some say tha... Read More »

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Has anyone got any weight loss tips?

Use a smaller plate, smaller portions, low fat, low carbs, less sugar, and you could try yoga, swimming, walking.Above all else keep a balanced diet, no starving yourself or throwing yourself into ... Read More »

Anyone who has given up sugar from their has it benefited you (besides weight loss)?

I experienced dramatic benefits from ditching processed foods ........ most of which generally contain some description of processed sugar "to prolong shelf life" ... lol ............ the color cam... Read More »

I'm on a strict weight loss regimen. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase diet water?

My friend, would I let you down?Don't spread it around but the best water comes from Spain. It's very rare due to the drought conditions but when you do find it it has unusual and beneficial proper... Read More »

Can anyone tell me what kind of results they have had with HOODIA in regards to weight loss?

Pat:There are no known side effects of hoodia at the moment. I say, "at the moment" because hoodia diet pills haven't been around that long. They were introduced on a mass scale in 2004. We don't k... Read More »