Has anyone tried dazzle smile pro Does it work like it says?

Answer Yeah, it works as well as any other teeth whitening gel on the market. Basically they're all the same peroxide bleaching formula with a different brand name. What they won't tell you though is that... Read More »

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Has anyone tried Google Chrome Does it work well Is it worth it :) ?

Google Chrome is a very good browser, it has an unusual file and tab design to it, but it is quick clean fast and pretty secure, I do not use it all the time, but I have been testing it for about t... Read More »

Has anyone tried the Pink Floyd soundtrack / Wizard of Oz movie combination and does it work?

Yes, it works, but I am not sure if it will do so with the DVD...well, I don't know how to synch it up. But, for the old style VHS, after the MGM lion roars, when it goes black, hit play on the CD... Read More »

I'm bored at work. Anyone know any websites that'll put a smile on my face?

how about these………… http://w... Read More »

Does Dazzle DVC 80 work with Windows Movie Maker?

The Dazzle Digital Video Creator 80, or DVC 80, is a USB device used for capturing video from a television, VCR or other digital video device. Video that is recorded using the DVC 80 can be used an... Read More »