Has anyone tried acupuncture?

Answer My wife has had several couses of accupunture for arthritis in her spine. She swears by it. I have known lots of people have success with accupuncture- and when I ask them if it hurts the answer is... Read More »

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Acupuncture increases fertility Have you tried this Did I do something wrong?

I love you Betty. I will help you. I don't care if my prick gets pricked. It's tough as nails.

Has anyone heard of this device you wear in your ear for acupuncture treatment of insomnia?

You know, I can't recall what they are called either....but they are pretty common. Used to be an acupuncture clinic near where I worked and I saw people with them often enough. Near me, there are ... Read More »

Has anyone tried a 2D to 3D converter?

the 2d-3d converters will just do the same crappy conversion that your 3d tv will do,, you really do need a 3D source to get the best out of your tv,,

Has anyone tried Homeopathy?

I've used homoeopathy for the last 15 years & have never looked back. I have an incurable condition the is totally managed homoeopathically - to take conventional drugs will lay me open to all mann... Read More »