Has anyone tried Googling their own name ?

Answer If you entered your full name, you should find this listing: talented poet, dear lady, good friend. That's what I found out about you online.

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Has anyone tried filling up their printers ink cartridges manually ?

I used to fill my Lexmark cartridges,with my inkjet cartridge refill kit,the results were very good.But my wife brought me a new printer and the refill kit wasnt compatable with the cartridges,i pa... Read More »

Has anyone tried watering their tomato plants with sea water?

Interesting. I had not heard of doing that.

Has anyone tried the "asscow" as advertised by Sherwin Williams It's in all their commercials?

I think those are what asshats are made from.

Has anyone tried AT&T's CallVantage Service What is their most reasonable land phone package in Illinois?

yes, usually broadband phone with those companies do a little better, because of the customer service coming out to your house to fix it should you have a problem...