Has anyone spotted themselves on the new street views on google maps?

Answer I've seen my mom's car parked in front of the house but that's as far as it got.

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Is anyone else creeped out by google maps street view?

completely creepedd out. Google just madee the lives of pervs and stalkers MUCH easier

When Google did its "Street View" maps, have you ever seen those "street view" cars?

Yes they drove down our way in a little black Ford Ka type thing with a ruddy great roof mounted camera that sees over hedges and walls, which isn't really a street view as it's about 5 feet higher... Read More »

I just asked about a street view on google maps and none of the answers got me to a street view.?

Its may possible is that Google Street view is not available in your region or country Here is the list of Google Street View SUPPORTED Country:Country Year added Notes Ukraine 2012 Added before st... Read More »

How to Add Street View in Google Maps?

If you use Google Maps to search for directions, you may want to add Street View when viewing a map. With Street View, you can view images of a destination and its surroundings. This is useful if y... Read More »