Has anyone seen this scam?

Answer You can take it to any bank and ask them to have their loss prevention department investigate. You can also report this person's e-mail to the FBI internet fraud department. You can find the link a... Read More »

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Is this "Satellite Direct" any good Or is it a Scam I've seen it advertised on the Internet for $49.00Thanks?

Be careful to all "work at home, mail order, internet easy money making". 99% of the time, they are scam. If you ever get scammed over $1000, please report it to the And also you can post ... Read More »

What is this rashhas anyone seen something like this before?

I cannot see much from the photo, but1. If this part was shaved recently, I would suspect ingrown hair2. You may sweat a lof and get some rash.3. It might be something else - in that case, see a do... Read More »

Has anyone heard of this internet scam...?

Summer, in the US the big scam is the FBI lock down and $200 fine to get out of trouble...she might try this site for a chat with their security experts and they do have an extensive list of proced... Read More »

Does anyone know if this sounds like a scam?

Absolutely nothing on their website give proper contact information - no phone number, no street address - nothing. That raises all sorts of red flags. I would not trust them for anything....Their ... Read More »