Has anyone received spam cell calls from this number 323-927-1550?

Answer call them back and try to sell them something

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(323) 927-1550. Anyone get calls from this number?

I have called my SprintPCS provided to complain about these calls. I too have been getting them everyday. What your mother needs to do is go to, register her phone numbers (cell... Read More »

Has anyone ever received a cell text from this address: Is it real?

I received the same text at 8:30 this morning. I tried to go to website and will not load. If we all got the same text then it is a scam. People can be so mean. $500 would be such a big help right ... Read More »

Has anyone received calls from 999-999-9999 or 000-000-0000?

999-999-9999 or 000-000-0000 are "spoofed" numbers, which means that whoever called you "tricked" your caller ID to display an incorrect phone number. Telemarketers do this so you cannot complain...

I forgot to pay my cell phone bill which resulted in my service being out temporarily If I received any calls during this time could they still leave a voicemail?