Has anyone received spam cell calls from this number 323-927-1550?

Answer call them back and try to sell them something

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(323) 927-1550. Anyone get calls from this number?

I have called my SprintPCS provided to complain about these calls. I too have been getting them everyday. What your mother needs to do is go to, register her phone numbers (cell... Read More »

Can you lock a cell phone so you cannot delete received calls?

Whether you can lock your received calls on your cell phone or not, depends on the cell phone model. Most cell phones, if you go to a call, will give you options to lock the call, erase the call or... Read More »

I forgot to pay my cell phone bill which resulted in my service being out temporarily If I received any calls during this time could they still leave a voicemail?

How to Remove a Cell Number From Sales Calls?

Getting sales phone calls on your cell phone is not only annoying but can cost you money. If you have a set number of monthly minutes, the last thing you want is a telemarketer calling you. Fortuna... Read More »