Has anyone out there created a free excel form WH347?

Answer Several links for Certified Payroll Forms show up when a Google search is run using the following key words: microsoft excel form WH347.

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Is there a keystroke to open the data form in MS Excel?

Yes. The keystroke command CTRL+O will bring up the "Open" command in Excel, where users may browse and open a data form spreadsheet file. This is a general Microsoft keystroke command. Excel also ... Read More »

Does anyone know how to convert a Excel spreadsheet form all cap letters to proper letters?

If this was MS-Access, then a simple Query could handle this in a matter of seconds.But you will need to have a VBA coded Macro established to search through your worksheet and modify the cells to ... Read More »

Is there any legitimate form filling work online for free?

You are setting yourself up for a scam. Be very careful. They are mostly scams.

Is there anyone giving away a free old car?

Right next to the free homes and free vacations.Grow up. Seriously.