Has anyone out there actually made "tofu turkey"?

Answer I'm planning on having a vegetarian Thanksgiving too, Jack! Beer is animal product-free, isn't it...?

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How to Make Tofurkey (Tofu Not a Turkey)?

"Tofurkey" is a combination of the words "tofu" and "turkey".[1] As a meal it provides a delicious Thanksgiving meal alternative for vegetarians.This recipe is actually a stuffed "Tofu Not-A-Turkey... Read More »

How do I cook a Tofu Turkey(tofurkey)?

the recipe i've used for the last 5 years which nonmeat and meaters alike have loved goes like this.get a bread ban.losely wrap the tofurkey (thawed) in tin foil, leave a side openadd the following... Read More »

Is tofu made of earthworms?

Tofu is also known as bean curd or soy curd and is similar to a soft cheese in texture. Tofu is made from coagulated soy milk that is compressed into blocks. The soy milk used in the preparation of... Read More »

I was wondering, how is tofu made?

Tofu is made from soy milk. My recommendation would be DO NOT EAT TOFU PLAIN! It is nasty that way and may discourage you from trying it again. However, it takes the favor of whatever it is in so e... Read More »