Has anyone noticed that some 12.5 golden virginia pouches seem underweight?

Answer Not yet!! i'll check!!!

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Facebook profile visitors! has anyone else noticed that suddenly people on your friends list that are normally?

it has nothing to do with them looking at your profileread this

What are some foods that seem like they are healthy that really aren't?

Milk. Cheese. Soy(too much of it). Tuna(from a can). Lettuce(non-organic). Dark chocolate. Cereal (with additives). Yoghurt(with additives). Drinks- Red wine. Juice(not freshly made).

Would anyone like to share some more 'golden' railroad moments?

I'll tell one on myself, speaking of foad Foremen, I thought of something. Dispatcher called us up and said we were to stop and pick up the Road Foreman at the next station, I said ok, no problem. ... Read More »

Has anyone else noticed that the weather is confusing the plants?

It isn't only confusing the plants, its confusing me!!!! I watched a programme on the TV a while back and they proved its all part of a natural cycle so I don't think anything we do will make any d... Read More »