Has anyone here suffered with "Exploding Head Syndrome" due to sleep deprivation How did you cope?

Answer I'm a chronic insomniac and yes I have precisely the same reactions as you described. I had no notion it was an actual medical condition as I have never asked the doctor about it. They always want ... Read More »

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I think I have "Exploding Head Syndrome"?

All joking aside, If I told you what that was you'd be scared, if it happens again I'd talk to your doctor about it!

How does sleep deprivation kill you?

It's like running an engine with no oil.

About the Effects of Sleep Deprivation on School Grades?

Students sometimes choose to stay up late watching television, completing assignments, studying for tests or going out with friends instead of getting a full eight hours of sleep. They tell themsel... Read More »

Other than sleep deprivation, what causes dark circles under the eyes?