Has anyone here experienced a fallen arch?

Answer I just make sure to wear good orthotics and good-fitting shoes. It does help quite a bit. I haven't heard about the surgery, nor could I imagine a walking cast gives you any support at all.I'd tr... Read More »

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Anyone here experienced with Linux Mint 8?

Linux Mint 8 Helena User Guide…Using Wine on Ubuntu (also applies to Linux Mint)

How to Fix Flat Feet, some toe pains, and the fallen arch?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not the ligaments or tendons in the foot itself that have causes the arch to fall, but rather those that support the ankle and foot. Flat feet is caused by over pr... Read More »

Has any body here experienced the floods in Saudi a few years ago?

you can go to youtube and find many amateur videos about it..

Has anyone else experienced this?

I have never had total knee replacement but a friend of mine did. . . this may sound stupid, but about 2 months after surgery she experienced odd pains and it came from an infection in the joint...... Read More »