Has anyone here ever suffered from Anorexia Nervosa?


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Has anyone ever suffered from a Traumatic Brain Injury/Epidural Hematoma?

Your question and story is interesting, but this isn't really the forum for social connections. It's more anonymous. You might try a medical forum or brain injury website.

Do I have anorexia nervosa?

You might have a disorder(the name of said disorder I can't remember right now) which makes you want to be like an anorexic, but you are not truly anorexic. Anorexics are terrified of eating food a... Read More »

Could veganism be characterised as anorexia nervosa?

Yes!!! Infact if God didn't want us to eat animals He wouldn't have made them out of meat!!!

Has anyone here suffered with "Exploding Head Syndrome" due to sleep deprivation How did you cope?

I'm a chronic insomniac and yes I have precisely the same reactions as you described. I had no notion it was an actual medical condition as I have never asked the doctor about it. They always want ... Read More »