Has anyone heard of the "Micro four thirds" camera series by Olympus?

Answer If you want a micro four-thirds standard camera now, give the Panasonic G1 a look. It's a bit bigger than the Olympus prototype, but does feature a flip out LCD and high resolution electronic viewf... Read More »

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Will the Olympus micro 4/3 60mm macro lens fit my Lumix micro 4/3 G1camera?

Olympus and Panasonic share the Micro 4/3 lens mount. They first pioneered the 4/3 format and now champion the Micro 4/3 system. The Olympus 60mm macro is compatible with your G1.

My Olympus camera is making parts of my photos black and white. Can anyone help me stop it from doing that?

Without a sample image it is going to be very difficult to analyze your cameras problem.Since the camera is not all that old, but out of warranty, you may want to have a camera repair shop look at ... Read More »

Anyone heard of a disposable digital camera?

the expensive ones you can continue to use them because they have a memory card that can be deleted and refilled with the disposable you can only use it once and you have to pay for the prints the ... Read More »

I have a camera olympus camera and i put new batteries in it and the camera still doesnt comes on. Why?

if you put new batteries in it and it still doesnt work it might have a manufactures defect...i would call the 800 number and see what type of warranty the product has...hope this helps