Has anyone heard of free antivial software called AVG?

Answer its really good. i have it and am currently using the 7.5 (newest version) get it from

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Antivirus 2009 most removal software is expensive, anyone know any FREE software ( that works )?

In your situation, there are a few options.1) Reformat and reinstall your Windows ( leave it as last resort )2) Take out your hard disk and install as secondary drive in another PC that have a good... Read More »

Has anyone heard of or tried a diet called Detoxykall?

Has anyone ever heard of a fuel additive called Ca40g?

ive been testing a lot of thease and havent found one that works you may get a tempary increase as your computer relearns your fuel but hats about it also your car may not pass the imisions test ... Read More »

Has anyone heard of a drink called koolaid Do you know where i can get some ?

Depends on what country you are in, I do not believe you can get it in England, leastwise I have never seen it, however, if you live in USA, you can get it almost in any supermarket, I know this fo... Read More »