Has anyone heard of a drink called koolaid Do you know where i can get some ?

Answer Depends on what country you are in, I do not believe you can get it in England, leastwise I have never seen it, however, if you live in USA, you can get it almost in any supermarket, I know this fo... Read More »

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Why is the alcoholic drink called long island ice tea when there is no ice tea in the drink?

Because it LOOkS like iced tea. The first time I had one, someone else ordered it for me. I had no idea what was in it. I assumed it was some "flavor" called "Long Island". When it came, it looked ... Read More »

Have you ever heard of something called skin tag's?

If you try to cut it off yourself, it will bleed & hurt. I did read about a man doing it himself with thread though. He said that he tied them with a piece of sewing thread as close to his body as ... Read More »

I heard pro athletes drink pickle juice why?

When you exercise heavily, especially in hot weather (like college and pro football players are doing these days), you have to stay hydrated. But, if you just drink water, that flushes all the elec... Read More »

Have you ever heard of a band called queen?