Has anyone heard of Job Lunch or Susie's Chili Parlor in a town close to Wichita?

Answer El Dorado Kansas......I actually used to live there.. Job Lunch has a great pork sandwich.

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What is the weirdest town name you have heard?

There is also a Rough and Ready in Pennsylvania. Actually Pennsylvania probably can take the title for weirdest town names. There is Intercourse which happens to be near Paradise. Which leads to... Read More »

Friends i have heard breakfast is neccessary whywhich meal should i skip lunch or dinner to loose weight?

breakfast is very important, it gets your metabolism working at the beginning of the day, so your body doesn't think that it needs to conserve energy because it isn't getting enough food. a big bre... Read More »

Hotels Close to Old Town Tucson, AZ?

Tucson, Arizona, is 118 miles southeast of Phoenix. It is referred to as the "Old Pueblo" or "Old Town" and is home to more than 500,000 people. The oldest, most historic buildings are around Tucso... Read More »

Do you like chili I freaking love chili (recipe suggestions are very much appreciated! haha)?

I like vegetarian chili best but if hungry enuf won't turn down the meaty stuff. Speaking of kale, my friend put some on a cookie pan, salt and peppered it after drizzling olive oil on it, then b... Read More »