Has anyone heard of Chinese online website''.Are they reliable?

Answer This website along with started appearing on craigslist recently-If you searched craigslist' for sale' section you would have come across it.And the web domain was only registe... Read More »

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Imagine you are chinese what would it be like i have heard they have rice for breakfast?

I'll be more than happy because it's a traditional breakfast item in China - Fried rice (China); Fried rice (Philippines) day old rice fried in oil with a lot of garlic, usually eaten for breakfas... Read More »

Why did the Chinese cheer and celebrate when they heard about 9/11 Did China have anything to do with this?

Probably not regarding the weapons, but the fact that most Chinese cheered is reflective of the propaganda they are constantly barraged with. There are anti-American undertones in nearly all of the... Read More »

Does anyone remember or has heard of Soo's chinese restaurant that was in westfield Ma., it was the best.?

Don't you mean Sam Woo's They have the best Dim Sum in the Outside of Hong Kong

What exactly are 'mooncakes' I heard from a dear friend that its a Chinese traditional delicacy.?

i got a link of picture and recipe for you.yes they come in many forms such as black beans, egg yoke, recent years even in durian favours and differerent colors as in green and yellow. the tradtion... Read More »