Has anyone had trouble moving jquery jcarousel on the web page?

Answer I have no problem with such things, but then again, I am an instructor in the use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc...If you had supplied a link to the web page in question, then I could have resolved ... Read More »

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How can I change div class on page refresh using jquery?

mate - go to tek-tips.comi'm on there myself.tihs is a question I can't help you with atm as i'm still learning jQuery guessing you may need to find out a bit more about the jQuery libr... Read More »

How to Hide and Show Page Elements Using jQUERY?

This article will show you how to use the jQUERY show and hide function to show and hide the page element after a user has clicked on a button of your web page.

IF you edit a page on wikipedia, will you get in trouble and like ur contributing to it.?

If you edit a page with inappropriate material, they can block your IP address from further modification.

Can kids get in trouble for editing their school's wikipedia page?

There are two kinds of "trouble" here: Academic and Legal. In the United States the 1st amendment in theory protects speech like this, so these kids probably will not get in legal trouble. However ... Read More »