Has anyone had to deal with the YourRemindr.dll trojan?

Answer the name did not return any info in google search. You can try to run a free online scan and removal by bitdefender

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Anyone heard of How are they to deal with.?

Just go to, type in sonic cameras and read the reviews for yourself. I didn't see too many favorable.Stick with,,

My dad is a alcoholic does anyone know how to help deal with it?

my dads and alcoholic too it took him a DUI (driving under the influence) 72 hours in jail and 3 months of AA and he still drinks not as much though your dad isn't half as bad as mine I wish my dad... Read More »

Does anyone deal with the Worldwide Loan Club?

Worldwide Loan Club has developed a unique plan whereby you can borrow money in ever increasing amounts and use the money any way you wish and never pay taxes on the cash flow. You see, the cash fl... Read More »

Does anyone know if the local pest control companies deal with troll infestations?

i got a good site for you it