Has anyone had this same problem on youtube?

Answer Not quite yet. Thats strange, I wonder who has the power to censor what we watch from other countries?

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Is anyone else having this problem with YouTube?

If "your browser sent a request that this server couldn't understand" + "size of request header field exceeds server limit", then your particular"request" might be a bad or supersized cookie.(The s... Read More »

Why does my TV reek Anyone have the same problem?

unplug tv service....RISK OF FIRE !

I can't get on youtue, anyone else having the same problem?

Yep the youtube is down and I get even view my videos on myspace man I better not lose all 100 videos I did I am going to be real made

Does anyone else have this problem on sky, getting error satellite signal not received we only get this?

Annoying isn't it?Bad weather can be to blame or your dish might need re aligning. You don't need Sky ripping you off for that just call a repair guy and he'll check it for you and see if it needs... Read More »