Has anyone had their wisdom teeth cut out?

Answer I had all 4 of mine pulled the same top 2 wisdom teeth were sooooo impacted, they were all the way up by my jaw bone. I would NOT have believed it if I didn't see the x-rays myself! My b... Read More »

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Anyone every have their wisdom teeth pulled?

Did anyone else get bruised around the jaw after getting their wisdom teeth out and if so what did you do for the pain and swelling?

Everyone gets a bruised jaw from wisdom teeth removal. Ibuprofen is the best thing to take. Redduces pain swelling and inflammation. If you cannot take ibuprofen take acetominophen (paracetamol in ... Read More »

If you have straight but gapped teeth and your wisdom teeth have not come out yet will the wisdom teeth help close the gaps when they erupt?

It might help a little, but if your father or mother have gapped teeth, you probably will too.Answer When your wisdom teeth will come out, if you have space, they might close some gaps between your... Read More »

What is the surgery like for removal of extra impacted wisdom teeth behind wisdom teeth that are already present?

It is very unusual to have two sets of wisdom teeth - are you sure? Removal is only required if problems occur and the teeth do not erupt normally. After surgery, there is commonly pain, swelling, ... Read More »