Has anyone had their EMA bonus, if not, do you know when it goes through?

Answer I know some year 13's who have got their bonus. I'm in year 12 (well, going into year 13) and still haven't got mine, either - and I don't know anyone else who has. THIS SUCKS! The christmas bonus ... Read More »

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How do you get the bonus?

You must have something that the Corps values well beyond just a warm body. Consider a background that included fluency in Farsi, a couple of years as a heavy equipment operator, Scuba certificatio... Read More »

What led to Bonus Army?

The Bonus Army was not actually and army. It was a group of picketers (protestors). The picketers consisted mostly of World War I veterans and their families. Congress had voted them a bonus for th... Read More »

When do you get your reenlistment bonus?

I literally just signed for my USAF bonus, so this is the deal. You'll raise your hand, get the Officer to sign your paperwork, then return it to MPF. MPF will then have you walk over to finance (o... Read More »

What Is Bonus Depreciation?

When filing a business tax return at the end of the year, you need to include asset depreciation in the expense category. Bonus depreciation and standard depreciation lower your taxable income.