Has anyone had the back-light fail in their LCD television?

Answer And there you have it, the Achilles heel of All the current video technologies. The Arc Lamp bulbs used for back lighting by each and every manufacturer do an admirable job for 18-24 months in an ... Read More »

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If You Fail a Class Do You Have to Pay Back Loans?

Student loans, which come from the federal government, private lenders, and colleges and universities, help many students pay for their educations. However, unlike scholarships and grants, loans re... Read More »

How many times did Edison fail at the light bulb?

Edison tried thousands of different filaments for a light bulb before he found one that worked. He said failures were a necessary part of the invention process. The exact number of attempts is unkn... Read More »

If you have completed watching a television series, would you go back and re-watch it again?

Haha I used to be obsessed with Lost until the last season of it, the finale killed it for me. So with that one, no, I'm not rewatching any of it.But things like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, ... Read More »

When is the show Puttin on the Hits coming back on television?

The production company Thunderball Films llc has entered into an agreement with the shows creator to bring back the series in 2011. You can keep up on all the latest news at www.thunderballfilmsllc... Read More »