Has anyone had experience with Nopalea Cactus juice?

Answer I've had great results with Nopalea! I've been using it since March of last year (I'm a long-time TriVita product taker and that's when they first released it). When I started taking it, I just d... Read More »

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Where can i buy nopalea juice?

If you live in the right part of the country, you can get it at certain grocery stores or pharmacies. On line, search for "nopalea juice" and you'll find places like or a host of other ... Read More »

Does anyone have experience with coating a poolsurface with tar to make a blackbottom pool?

Answer Ah ! YUCK! No matter how you did the job of surfacing the pool with that stuff, you would end up with it all over. It would get into and on your bathing suits, feet and who knows where. It w... Read More »

Anyone else had a WRETCHED experience with DTE Energy lately And what's with the credit reporting?

you are so true about that. About a month or so ago, they were picketing at the location downtown about this same issue. i never knew that they were doing this until I saw that story on the news.... Read More »

Anyone has experience with natural antidepressants?

I haven't had personal experience with Rhodiola Rosea but i have personal experience with the passionflower herb and eating foods to bolster the production of serotonin in your brain buddy ........... Read More »