Has anyone had aspartame poisoning?

Answer Yes. There is even a web site to help victims of aspartame poisoning. This is incredibly bad stuff. There is a very plausible link between aspartame consumption and Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's... Read More »

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Detox From Aspartame Poisoning?

Aspartame poisoning has been a well-hidden secret since the 1980s. Aspartame is a dangerous chemical sugar substitute that causes illness and toxic reactions in the human body. Ridding your body of... Read More »

Anyone who uses Aspartame or Nutra Sweet?

Don't use the garbage period. There's been a huge movement in this country to get this stuff banned. All of the above (and more) is true. It's also been documented that diet drinks are so addictive... Read More »

Has anyone experienced severe back pain, and leg pain from Aspartame?

Aspartame Side EffectsThe components of aspartame can lead to a number of health problems, as you have read. Side effects can occur gradually, can be immediate, or can be acute reactions. According... Read More »

Has anyone even gotten ergot poisoning from beer?

Yes but its not something to worry about today. I was surprised to find anything at all containing a reference to beer and ergot.… Read More »