Has anyone had any bad experiences with starbucks?

Answer Drink wise, not really. I always get a standard grande latte and its hard to mess up on that. However, I did have this one girl that told me that if i wanted to read the newspaper, i would have to ... Read More »

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What are your experiences on LSD?

40, female, last time I used it I was 22 yrs old. I liked how it made things seem 3D, the hallucinations were good, felt relaxed, music sounded more clear and intense, sex was phenomenal, and laste... Read More »

What were (or are) your experiences with radiation?

At first I was going to say there is NOTHING GOOD in dealing with radiation. But, that is not entirely true. The GOOD:The good is that you make friendships with others experiencing radiation. Ou... Read More »

Have you had bad experiences with medication?

All medication is fine if prescribed in "incremental Doses ( 10mg -one month test if more needed to bring reading into line increase anther 10 mg." dangers of side effects if Indiscriminate dosage,... Read More »

Where can I get pennywort from and does anyone have any personal experiences with it?

Pennywort is also known as centella asiatica, gotu kola, asiatic and indian pennywort, brahmi, marsh pennywort, common pennywort, waternavel, sombrevillo de aqua, bachelor's buttons and penny grass... Read More »