Has anyone had a tooth break while eating coleslaw?

Answer The tooth was probably already cracked or fractured and the slight force of eating the slaw just caused it to break free.Additional information: We've had patients loose them eating ice cream, bis... Read More »

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Tooth Pain While Eating Shrimp?

Hi! Is this symptom only present when you eat shrimp? There are allergens in shrimp but I'm sure it just affects a problem with your teeth already that you need to have a dentist see.

Can a dentist break your jaw while removing a tooth?

Yes, that is a potential complication of having a tooth removed.

7 year old lost tooth while eating and accidently swallowed it Any reason for concern?

Not to worry, it will pass. The "tooth fairy" still needs to pay a visit.

A question about eating after not eating for a while?

Start with small servings of fruit to give you some fructose for energy. Have things like almonds, seaweed, cashews, walnuts. These are all going to give you good fats and the seaweed is a natura... Read More »