Has anyone had a good experience with PCWorld know how repairs service?

Answer They are nothing special. I've used them a couple of times, because it is cheaper to pay them £20 than it is to pay a couple of hundred to buy diagnostic software, and because the salesman lied wh... Read More »

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Does anyone know of any Phlebotomy jobs hiring in the Saint Louis area with no work experience preferred?

Here are quite a few listings for you.…

Has anyone had "good" or "bad" experience with refilling your printers ink instead of buying new cartridges?

Bad!! Too many things can go wrong. There are now so many web sites that sell iso 9001 ink (That's the standard printer makers use) that there is no reason to refill. Try They sell ... Read More »

Does anyone know of any good dance clubs in Chicago Nothing fancy or to scuzzy. Just nice with good music.?

If you want loud, cheesy, touristy and expensive head over to the clubs on Division near Rush Street. Great music, but everything else sucks.I like going to Alive One and the Union on Halsted near... Read More »

Does anyone know if its bad to experience heart palpitations?

I think everyone at some time experiences this problem. If it is ongoing and is bothering you, then I would try to find the source. Usually some kind of stimulant is involved, example to much caffi... Read More »