Has anyone gotten a virus while using an Apple Is it possible?

Answer It's rare, but not impossible.

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Has anyone gotten hit in the head by a bird while driving with the window down?

lol omg um NO I HAVE NOT but..not only is that crazy but i have never heard of that EVER! lol i dont think you need to leave the widows up anymore, the chances or that happening agian are very very... Read More »

Is it possible to get a virus on a ipod touch while browsing the web?

No viruses, in terms of crap that would take over your ipod touch and corrupt files, but it is possible, that programs or websites would get into your secret files and information. Just be careful ... Read More »

Has anyone gotten good results using the Hairfinity vitamins w/o puchasing the microsopic hair analyzer?

Okay, I have now been using the HairFinity vitamins for 8 months. Seeing great results. In the first three months, I got about 3 more inches. Now that it has been 8 months, I have probably gotte... Read More »

Has anyone never had a virus on there computer if so what program are you using?

Dr. HOUSE - I've no idea how you became a Top Contributor in this category with such an awful answer.Viruses don't just come from installations. Going on net without any Anti-Virus is stupid imo -... Read More »