Has anyone gone to berano's in louisville and karaoke?

Answer I haven't, but go ahead and try it.You'll never know if you like it unless you try it.-

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Do you have to use karaoke cds with karaoke machines?

Karaoke machines are compact disc (CD) players which have a graphic output function that displays the lyrics of the songs played. You can connect a karaoke player to your television or monitor, but... Read More »

Has anyone gone skiing in Switzerland?

Sure someone has gone skiing in Switzerland ;-)You should have told us when you're going. As for now and up to mid January (peak season) you'll hardly find any accommodation below the 300 Sfr/night... Read More »

Has anyone elses Sky TV gone down totally in UK?

No mine did on Friday though.I rang them up, and they just told me to turn it off at the wall for ten seconds, then on again. And it worked!!! Weird but worth a try before you waste money calling ... Read More »

Anyone gone through anything similar?

From what you say, he has Stage IV M1b or M1c Melanoma. This is very serious stuff. The survival rate for this is 7 to 20%. are trailing statistics, whic... Read More »