Has anyone found any good tasting Vegan cheese or cheese substitute Thanks! :)?

Answer Tofutti makes good slices of cheese. they come in either mozzerella or american flavored. and they're completely dairy/milk free. it melts really well, if you want it in like mexican food or whatev... Read More »

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Does anyone know a Vegan Goat cheese substitute?

Good question, I don't know if I ever had goat cheese but in regard to a vegan substitute I presume you are referring to the taste and texture. I found these when googling for vegan "goat" cheese:T... Read More »

Can I substitute cream cheese for mascarpone cheese in a recipe?

On One Hand: Mascarpone and Cream Cheese are DifferentMascarpone is often called "Italian cream cheese," but it is not a true cheese as it contains no rennet or starter and is actually a clotted cr... Read More »

From a health standpoint only, is vegan cheese healthier than regular cheese?

Actually from what I read yesterday, neither. I appears that you are much better off grating your own cheeses. It has to do with processing. As to healthier cheese Romano/Parmesano is probabl... Read More »

Can I substitute mascarpone cheese for cream cheese?

On One Hand: Similar Characteristics Make It Easy to SubstituteMascarpone and cream cheeses are both unaged cheeses meant to be consumed fresh. Cream cheese is made mostly from milk with varying pe... Read More »