Has anyone ever used limewire?

Answer Yes, and it has tons and I mean tons of songs you can download.

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Has anyone ever used Limewire and been caught for downloading copyrighted material?

Use LimeWire 24/7 now for a long long time.Not just downloading. I have over 150 dvds and 15000-20000 songs and music videos out on LimeWire right now.Never had any problems.LimeWire in it's self i... Read More »

Has anyone ever got a virus from limewire?

you just have to know what you're downloadingpretty much never download ANY .exe file, and GENERALLY you should be okayif you're just downloading image, movie, music files (mp3, avi, png, etc) you ... Read More »

Has anyone ever used..........?

well, dearest, I haven"t but a good friend of mine did and his only comment was that he was amazed at what-all came out of him and that he'd probably try a herbal remedy the next time he felt like ... Read More »

Has anyone ever used ?

no i havent but like you say if it to good take care,,