Has anyone ever tried/ made dishes with edible flowers?

Answer I have a farmer friend who puts together an organic field greens lettuce blend that he adds marigolds, pansies, violets and some other flowers too. The violets and pansies taste pretty good, the ... Read More »

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How to Dry Edible Flowers?

Flowers that can be used for culinary purposes are usually delicate but they can be saved for later use by drying them.

Are aloe flowers edible?

The tubular yellow flowers of the aloe plant are not edible. The leaves and sap are used for a variety of purposes, both internally and externally. Aloe sap is not to be taken internally in large d... Read More »

Are crystallized flowers edible?

Crystallized flowers are edible so long as they are made from edible flower species like violets, rose petals or nasturtiums. Crystallized flowers are commonly used as decorative garnishes on cakes... Read More »

How to Choose Edible Flowers?

Edible flowers decorate a mango flan.Edible culinary flowers are useful for a variety of purposes, from cooking to candy making and from salads to decorative presentations on a dinner plate. Find o... Read More »