Has anyone ever smoked this?

Answer herbal tea is calming and nutmeg is bad and will give you a headace from hell dont even try it

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Has anyone on The Real World ever smoked weed on the show on or off camera?

they probably sign a contract that says they will pay to fix it

Is this for real Has anyone ever heard of this k17 virus supposed to be responsible for vampirism?

this is just what i think..i think if u convince your self u have something then your body and mind will believe itif someone goes to the doctors for random check ups all the time even if there is ... Read More »

Has anyone ever heard of this Mounting TV?

Probably what he was saying was, if he attempted to hide the TV's power cord in the wall, it would not pass building code. Line cords in walls are considered a fire hazard in most localities.The p... Read More »

Heal spurs As anyone ever had this?

i have not had it midnight but i hope your husband gets better god bless.